Learning how to learn
Not technically a book but still in the same vein, is a set of lectures and concepts for retaining knowledge more effectively.


The point of using a pomodoro is to focus on the process instead of the end product. The point is get into the having of focusing on the process of working on something, such that your zombie habitual brain takes over and you enter flow. Don't fixate on accomplising something, or producting something. Rather, focus on the task at hand for 25 minutes, even if you can't complete it.
If you setup rewards after the completion of a task you will start to receive neurological rewards whenever you work.
Another thing, you may end up makign narratives or excuses looking for reasons not to do the thing, avoid these.
Plan your daily tasks the night before, because it helps to prime you and help you grapple with the task.

Eat your frogs first in the morning

I.e do your most dreaded task first. Or just 1 pomodoro, as soon as you wake up.


Associate something you are trying to remember with a visual item that is unusual or quirky. For example, imagine a skydiving mule to associate F=ma^2. Also, it must be repeated in order to strengthen and solidify. Repetition is important for firmly lodging an item into memory. Do so over several days, not the same day. Other examples: suppose you need to memorize the acronym GRHM, you would visualize a GRaHaM cracker. Or phrases: Old People From Texas Eat Spiders == Frontal, Parietial, Occipital canial regions.
Handwriting definitely helps solidify more.

Memory palace

Use your childhood home in SA. All the vague regions are sectors.
Thorny tree Baraka. The highway behind the yard. The fence by the black neighbors. The fence by the old white neighbors Snailheaven Car awning. The willow tree. The front wall. The house itself.
Remember (lol) your childlike creativity is there within you. You need to turn something abstract and complicated into something your brain can parse. Come up with a picture, and then store it somewhere.
Keep your brain active. Try to memorize things, don't write it down. Try. Try try try. Keep physical activity levels up. Being social is also really beneficial. Take 1000mg of DHA Omega 3.


Study everything, every day. Spend at least 1 pomodoro on each Area daily. The reason english is so easy is because it's right there in your brain. If you study it every day it's just there in your brain. Like strumming a guitar. Just keep it mind, and your mind primed.

Other notes

Your caveman brain is not equipped to handle relatively recent abstract problems like mathematics. Let things take their time, familiarize yourself with the content and eeeease into it. Remember to relax and have fun. Practice slow thinking.


Disable ALL notifications.


Relaxtion and leisure is far more rewarding if you've put in several consistent and solid chunks of work (lets say pomodoros).

Approaching a hard problem

Skim the entire book/article/doc first. Then try to make a bit of progress. If you start getting bogged down, switch to something else or something of lower difficulty.

Revisit things

It helps to solidify learning. Go back and review/re-read.
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